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New: BC Image Unit (v1.0.7)

37 filters are included in this new version!

BC Image Unit is a set of custom Core Image filters compatible with:
Acorn, Fun House, Graphic Converter, Image Tricks, Pixelmator.


Please, note that this plug-in (BC Image Unit.plugin) doesn' run on PPC machines!

System requirements are: Intel CPU and OS X 10.6/10.7.

If you need some filters compatible with OS X 10.5 or PPC machines, please, download filters available separately.

List of filters included in BC Image Unit (v1.0.7):

  • Color Adjustment:

    • BC Channel Mixer
    • BC Color Balance (updated in 1.0.7)
    • BC Contrast
    • BC Levels
    • BC Remove Color Cast
    • BC RGB Levels
  • Color Effect:

    • BC Black And White
    • BC Color Filter
    • BC Desaturate (new in 1.0.7)
    • BC Duo Tone
    • BC Gaussian Gradient Overlay
    • BC High And Low Controls
    • BC Invert RGB Channels
    • BC Linear Gradient Overlay
    • BC RGB Gamma Contrast
    • BC Technicolor
    • BC Tritone
  • Composite Operations:

    • BC Darker Color Blend Mode
    • BC Divide Blend Mode
    • BC Hard Mix (new in 1.0.7)
    • BC Lighter Color Blend Mode
    • BC Linear Burn Blend Mode
    • BC Linear Dodge Blend Mode
    • BC Subtract (new in 1.0.7)
  • Sharpen:

    • BC High Pass Sharpening
  • Stylize:

    • BC Bleach Bypass (new in 1.0.7)
    • BC Dabs Painting
    • BC Engraving
    • BC Film Process
    • BC High Pass
    • BC Mosaic
    • BC Noisyfier
    • BC Orton Effect
    • BC Round Pixellate
    • BC Sketch
    • BC Spot
    • BC Vignette

Remarks, wishes and suggestions are welcome.